Who’s the origin of soju?


Written by alex

October 17, 2022

I am sure you all have seen the iconic green bottle somewhere either in K-dramas or in a Korean restaurant. But have you wondered, who’s the origin of soju?

But do you know where it’s from?

JINRO Soju is South Korea’s most famous and most consumed alcoholic beverage. You can call it a ‘National Drink’. It is a clear, neutral, colorless, distilled spirit charcoals made from Korean bamboo. Soju tastes the best chilled and it is commonly consumed alone with food. Most often people drink it straight with food, but is also use in cocktails.

Many people only become interested in soju recently. But JINRO soju originates from since 1924 and it’s the very first brand to create soju. Since its initial release, JINRO soju has gone through various of transformations in terms of its label appearance and alcohol content. It was first 35% alcohol by volume (ABV) targeting older age male groups yet now drop to 16.9% to reach a wider younger generation.

The Original Real Green Bottle of Korean Jinro Soju

The original green bottle of Jinro soju

Why is the bottle green?

One thing you will immediately notice about soju is the bottles are green. Although it used to be in different colored bottles like brown, white and blue, everything changed to green in 1994. The color green of bottle is representing that soju had a clean and mild taste and it immediately hit.

Due to the immediate hit of JINRO soju portray through Korean Wave known as “Hallyu”, it keeps gaining influence through nationwide, as other companies started following and copying JINRO, especially in the Philippines.


Jinro soju original label

As the popularity of JINRO Soju increases, more and more companies are trying to launch soju-like products. People have been buying the other brands due to its similar appearance to Korean JINRO Soju, because they are all shaped the same and share the identical iconic green color bottle. Even the label on the bottles of ‘So Nice’ Soju bottles looked identical to JINRO Soju.


Jinro soju original Toad

I was also confused at first trying to figure out which is the original JINRO Soju until I realized that the trademark for JINRO is the Toad mascot. JINRO Soju’s curved label and the Toad mascot is the biggest factor in distinguishing the difference of products. You can easily find it in supermarkets or convenience stores. Trust me as nothing beats the Real Original Soju, JINRO.


Jinro Soju Five Fruit Flavors

While JINRO is mainly remembered for it’s ‘Fresh’ Soju, JINRO also has a flavored soju lineup, including the flavors of Peach, Strawberry, Grapefruit, Green Grape, and Plum for you to choose for your own liking. This saves me from having dilemma to choose as I can choose any flavor I want depending on my mood.

JINRO Soju is now World’s No.1 Best-selling spirit and it’s going to continue expanding through nationwide. If you are wondering how JINRO taste like, I recommend trying the Peach Soju, as now it’s my favorite kind of go-to drink.

If you guys are interested, you can find the products by checking out this link below for more information.


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