Where to get an authentic JINRO soju?


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November 18, 2022

Recognize this green bottle? Those moments where you’re watching an episode of the newest K-Drama, or you watch a character that you love sitting in a restaurant drinking shot glasses one after another? This is the very same green bottle that provides you comfort in a moment of sadness or any occasion of celebration. It is the one and only soju, JINRO.


Jinro guide to the fruit-flavored soju


In case you don’t know what soju is.
The real Jinro soju is the best selling spirit

The real Jinro soju is the best-selling spirit

Soju is a South Korean alcoholic drink that has been around for centuries, and it is increasingly gaining popularity daily thanks to the K-Culture. This particular brand JINRO soju, secured its reign as the world’s best-selling spirit surpassing many famous brands worldwide. There are several flavors for you to choose from, including clean flavors and fruit flavors. The most common clean flavors are Fresh and Original. JINRO Fresh soju with a mild and clean taste, yet JINRO Original soju tastes slightly stronger. Then, we have the fruit flavor series inclusive of JINRO Strawberry, Green Grape, Plum, Grapefruit, and the new addition Peach to the JINRO family. Each JINRO soju has a distinctive taste based on the different ingredients used in the process, but I can assure you that each JINRO soju flavor tastes just as good as others.

But do you know that fake soju does exist?

Apparently, with soju being the world’s best-selling spirit in the world, there is the risk of purchasing fake soju that you’re completely not aware of. For example, purchasing green bottles online without checking whether its fake products and having them delivered to your home. It’s becoming difficult to determine which product you’re purchasing is real or not because the bottles are packaged in the same way as the real original JINRO soju. Before you start purchasing JINRO soju, there are a few things you need to check to ensure whether it is the real product because fake soju can cause harm and it is dangerous for your health.


Jinro soju Toad label curve

Most of the soju is consumed in South Korea. Just because a bottle is green and looks like the familiar JINRO soju, you spot it in K-Dramas. It does not necessarily mean it is the authentic real soju. Soju manufacturers use green bottles to help protect the alcohol content from sunlight and ensure it last longer.

Here are a few things to check before purchasing the Real Original JINRO soju.

First, check the label on the green bottle. To experience the original JINRO soju, look for the label with its trademark toad logo. The toad colors vary from the different flavors of JINRO soju. Second, if you look closely, JINRO soju has a curved label. There are local brands that claim to be authentic Korean soju. Especially when they use the same green bottle while adopting similar labels, but do not be mistaken by it. As those brands may be copycats from other brands. Regardless of local customers purchasing the brand without knowing it is a copycat, JINRO soju is still the dominant brand among other soju brands in the Philippines. JINRO soju sales are two times higher than other local soju brands. It continues to hold the No.1 World’s best-selling spirit in the world for 20 consecutive years. So, if you want to try out real authentic soju, make sure to try JINRO soju.


Fruit flavors of Jinro soju in the Philippines

Price of JINRO soju in the Philippines

When it comes to the price of soju, JINRO soju has a reasonable price. Soju prices normally range from 90 to 150 pesos per 360ml bottle in the Philippines. At the same time, fake soju can be priced for as low as half of the original price. It depends on where you are buying it from. So, do not fall for those cheap prices in the hopes of saving money. Trust me, you won’t be getting the same quality of richness in flavor and might even suffer hangovers because of it.

Do remember, the best way to purchase the real original JINRO soju is from local supermarkets or trusted online stores. Check out JINRO soju’s official store here, JINRO Philippine’s Lazda and Shopee account. There are normally discounts or promotions ongoing so make sure to check before planning to stock your soju rack at home. You can also stay-up-to date with new promotions and offers from the Facebook and Instagram page.


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