Top 3 Flavored Soju by Chel

Top 3 flavored soju by Chel

Written by alex

April 27, 2022

The first time Chel tried Korean Soju was when she was living in Hong Kong. That was a couple of years back but she still remembers that they went to a restaurant for dinner and a friend just recently came back from Korea. He had a big bottle of really good soju that his Korean colleagues gifted him. It tasted strong but they all enjoyed it. Continue reading to discover Chel’s top 3 flavored soju!

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Since then, she has always opted to drink soju if it was available. There’s just something so refreshing about it to enjoy with meals or just when you’re at home. There are so many ways you can have it, by shots, mix it to make cocktails or sip it. The options are endless!

Chel’s top 3 soju

Now the interesting part (or should we say delicious?) is the flavored soju that you can get straight from the bottle. We have a couple of fruit-flavored soju but Chel’s top 3 favorites are: Jinro Strawberry, Jinro Grapefruit, and Jinro Green Grape – all at 13% ABV.

Hitejinro made sure to bring the most Authentic Korean soju to the Philippines. It is now easier to purchase a bottle or two since we launched our own website (but if you don’t like waiting, you can also check the nearby supermarket if they have some stocks).

Korean soju is sweeter and no need to mix it as a cocktail since it already has fruity taste – which means less preparation, less mess to clean up, just make sure to chill it before serving.

Chel has a very particular liking when it comes to her drinks. It has to be a bit citrusy or a little sour hence why she likes the strawberry, grapefruit and green grape flavored soju. It feels like you are just drinking juice! But as usual drink moderately, no matter how good these Jinro Korean Soju are.

When it comes to the price of soju, Jinro soju is priced reasonably, around P150 per bottle. There are usually discounts or promos ongoing so make sure that you check that if you are planning to try or stock up at home. We never know when it will be a liquor ban again here in Manila.

Be sure to read our other blogs to discover more about Jinro soju!

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