Jinro Soju Questions

Here are some answers to questions you may have about JINRO Soju, the world’s number 1 selling spirit.


What is soju made of?

Soju is a distilled neutral grain spirit beverage usually derived from fermenting rice, tapioca, or other grains, which is then distilled and filtered. JINRO Soju is being produced only in South Korea.

How is it different from other spirits?

This is a good question! You see, each alcoholic beverage differs depending on its production processes, its base ingredients, and where it is produced.

 JINRO Soju is a distilled and filtered neutral grain spirit beverage that is derived from fermented rice, tapioca, or other grains. Soju is only produced in South Korea.

Soju is more similar to vodka, whisky, and brandy because these are all fermented & distilled spirits. However, they vary on the base ingredients used and where it is produced.

 On the other hand, soju is different than sake, beer, and wine, which are all fermented & brewed.

Does JINRO Soju ever expire?

JINRO Soju won’t expire until 10 years from its manufacturing date, which may vary depending on storage conditions.

Do I get a hangover from drinking JINRO Soju?

As long as you don’t drink other types of alcohol while drinking JINRO Soju, you are less likely to experience hangovers.

Because JINRO Soju is filtered at least four times through a patented bamboo charcoal filtration system, it becomes a clear and smooth alcoholic drink that comes without hangovers! It’s actually a known Korean secret which even helps clean your digestive system. 🙂

 Remember to drink responsibly!

Where is JINRO available?

You can find JINRO Soju products in all 7/11 and Ministop outlets nationwide. JINRO Soju is also being sold in SnR, select supermarkets, Korean marts, and convenience stores in Metro Manila and other major cities in the Philippines.