JINRO’s Kmmunity partners in Philippines


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November 18, 2022

Have you heard of the term Kmmunity? Or JINRO’s Kmmunity partners in the Philippines? 

Apparently, this term is well-known and used by Filipinos, which means Korean Community in general. It is a term that targets Filipinos who are fond of the K-Culture. The Kmmunity in the Philippines is up to trend as there are also JINRO’s Kmmunity partners in the Philippines.


Jinro soju K-pop Kmmunity

The JINRO Kmmunity is a partnership between HITEJINRO Philippines and the renowned K-Pop Facebook groups. These Kmmunities create posts that expose any of JINRO’s product features and create humor posts involving JINRO with a hint of K-Drama in the mix. These Facebook groups post a dose of entertaining content regarding K-Culture so that viewers can always get up to date with the latest K-Entertainment news and trends.

The collaboration between JINRO and these Kmmunity Facebook groups is to promote JINRO soju in their social media as the go-to alcoholic drink. The groups promote JINRO Philippines’ social media accounts as well to get the latest updates about JINRO products.


Jinro’s original fruit-flavored soju is K-dramas

JINRO in K-Dramas

Here are some of the iconic scenes you see in K-Drama. For example, when Park Saeroyi from “Itaewon Class” gets drunk while drinking JINRO soju with his DanBam crew. One of the Kmmunity Facebook groups, named Daebak Oppa, created a post with JINRO products, referring that even after reviewing the whole night for an exam but still fail, so let’s drink JINRO soju to that.

Another iconic scene is when Kim Bok Ju from “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Ju” drinks JINRO soju while repeating how she fell in love with her crush, Jeong Joo-hyuk’s brother, that wasn’t into her. She explained that it was because of a dressing table she met Joo-hyuk’s brother and fell in love with him but didn’t love her back. She asked Joo-hyuk to be responsible for it. Kmmunity Kdramabuzz created a post with JINRO product, referring that it’s an exam review and in need of a drink.


Jinro’s Facebook K-culture partner

As partners for the JINRO Kmmunity Facebook group, they must post at least 5 posts per week, including K-Culture content or JINRO product-related content with a mixture of K-Drama hints. Some of the Kmmunity Facebook groups like Saranghaeyo Oppa and K-Dramaland.tv have been posting interesting JINRO content like maze content to pick your favorite JINRO soju to drink today, or when you see images of fried chicken, room-tent (pocha) and karaoke (noraebang), you will think of JINRO soju. I must admit, when I looked at the images of that, the first thing that came to my mind was JINRO soju and how much I’m craving it right now.


Original Jinro soju Kmmunity

Here are the Kmmunity Partners Facebook groups that have been collaborating with JINRO.
  1. Oppa Academy (477k followers)
  2. Daebak Oppa (377k followers)
  3. The Saranghae Oppa (640k followers)
  4. Kdrama House (421k followers)
  5. Kdramabuzz (1.9m followers)
  6. K-Dramaland.tv (2.5m followers)
  7. Oppaland (310k followers)
  8. Saranghaeyo Oppa (1.6m followers)
  9. Annyeong Oppa (921k followers)

Stay tuned for more exciting latest trends about JINRO products on these Kmmunity Facebook groups, or visit our JINRO Philippine Facebook and Instagram page to learn more.

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