JINRO Soju is the Perfect Go-To Drink


Written by alex

November 15, 2022

It’s a well-known fact that Koreans love soju, and none more than JINRO soju. With the increasing popularity of JINRO, soju is the perfect go-to drink in Korea and worldwide. JINRO has also launched many different soju flavors.


The difference between fresh and original soju

For a start, JINRO soju is a distilled spirit with mild alcohol content, which makes perfect sense if you’re up for a fun, energetic night or chill day to go for this perfect go-to drink. There are so many options for you to go for.

First, we have the JINRO Chamisul Fresh soju, a front-runner of HITEJINRO’s product lineup. JINRO Chamisul Fresh soju gives you a clean, smooth, refreshing taste that makes you feel clearheaded and ready for the next day. There’s JINRO Chamisul Original soju which gives an authentic and rich JINRO soju experience.

So, what is the difference between these two JINRO Chamisul soju?

Chamisul Fresh soju is a slightly lower-ABV version with 16.9% alcohol content filtered through a patented 7-step refinement process of charcoal made from Korean bamboo. As for JINRO Chamisul Original soju, it has a more potent alcohol content consisting of 20.1% ABV that passes through a patented bamboo charcoal filtration process 4 times. You can also tell it from the lid color and label color differences. JINRO Fresh soju has a dark green lid, while JINRO Original soju has a dark red lid. For the labels, JINRO Fresh soju has a blue toad with morning dew on it, while JINRO Original soju has a red toad and red label. So, if you want something stronger for your go-to drink, JINRO Fresh and Original will be a perfect choice.


Sweet and perfect Jinro fruit-flavored soju

But for some people who prefer sweet-flavored soju, there are other varieties of flavors to choose from, which can easily relieve anyone’s taste buds with its rich soju flavor smoothly with different fruity elements.

Strawberry soju
  • It has a sweet, tart taste of a ripened strawberry, maintaining a light and refreshing taste.
Green Grape soju
  • Grape soju continues to be a favorite due to its fresh, sweet, and flavorful taste.
Grapefruit soju
  • Infused with a vibrant grapefruit flavor, a refreshing twist on a classic drink that’s pleasing to the taste.
 Plum soju
  • Brings a playful touch of fruity plum flavor to the clean, smooth taste.
Peach soju
  • The new addition to the family brings the perfect balance of authentic Korean soju and the sweet, tangy taste of peach mixed with the best taste.

All the JINRO fruit-flavored soju consists of 13% of alcohol content, which makes it easier to drink than Fresh and Original. So, have you picked your perfect go-to drink?


The real Jinro soju for the day

If you have trouble choosing your favorite go-to drink, here’s a guide to see which JINRO soju flavor best fits your style.

If you want to spend a nice romantic day with your partner, I recommend enjoying a sip of sweet JINRO Strawberry soju with your beloved one at a nice rooftop bar embracing the view of the city. What about a nice, chill day at home alone? I’ll say go for the fresh JINRO Green Grape soju, where I can watch the latest K-Drama while staying in my cozy bed. If you’re out looking for an energetic activity night out, what’s better than JINRO Grapefruit soju with a vibrant grapefruit flavor that is pleasing to taste? Then there is the JINRO Plum soju, a day you feel attractive and want to confess your love to someone under the sunset. How romantic is that? Well, my favorite go-to drink is, of course, the lovely JINRO Peach soju, which I can enjoy with my friends at a nice picnic in the park.


Find the real Jinro soju Toad

Before choosing your favorite go-to drink, soju, there is one thing you need to keep in mind. Remember to check the label on the bottle. JINRO soju’s trademark is the Toad labeled on the top left of the bottle. The toad comes in different colors depending on which flavor you’re buying. It could be in blue, red, or green. So, don’t forget to check the label before purchasing it. You can find all kinds of JINRO products at online stores from JINRO Philippine’s Lazada, Shopee account, and supermarkets.

You can find out more about the best flavors of soju available here.

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