JINRO launches new flavor soju – Peach Soju


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October 24, 2022

To everyone out there who is a fan of JINRO soju, do you know that JINRO has recently released a new flavor of soju? It is a Jinro Peach, a juiced-flavored beverage. It balanced out the Korean authentic soju flavor and sweet tangy juicy taste of peach flavor which blends out perfectly.


The real original fifth flavor of Jinro – peach

The fifth new flavor of Jinro soju – Peach

For those who haven’t tried soju, here’s a quick get-to-know about the rave of JINRO. If you’ve ever watched a Korean drama or any K-Culture shows, you’ll often see an iconic green bottle always stood out in between scenes. Ever wondering what that is? It is the one and only Real Soju JINRO. JINRO soju is made from fermented and distilled rice, barley, and sweet potato. Because JINRO soju is filtered at least four times through a patented bamboo charcoal filtration system, it produces a clean, sweet flavor and smooth alcoholic taste to it.

So, what is the fuss about the new flavor JINRO Peach soju?

As I mentioned before, Peach soju is a juiced-flavored beverage. It is balanced out the Korean authentic soju flavor and sweet tangy juicy taste of peach flavor. Those two flavors blend out perfectly. This soju flavor is with an alcohol content of only 13%, perfect to drink it chill straight without mixing it with anything.

During the recent All Points East Festival this mid-August in East London, Jinro gave out drinking samples of Peach soju during the days of the events. Visitors, that have visited the booth, tried the new flavor and couldn’t resist to come back and purchase it. Unfortunately, they ran out of stock for JINRO Peach soju for the last two days. And couldn’t give out more samples for new visitors to try.


The best food pair for Jinro peach soju – Chicken Inasal

Now we know a little more about the JINRO Peach flavor soju. So, let me recommend you the best Filipino food pair to enjoy this newest soju.

Chicken Inasal is a grilled chicken dish and one of the well-known Ilonggo dishes. The chicken dish is marinated with a perfect balance of smoky, peppery and citrus flavored sauce. It is normally served with steam rice, a soy and vinegar dipping sauce that goes surprising well with our newest flavor. Because it gives a twist of juicy tangy peach flavor in each sip while maintaining a light and balance refreshing experience.


Jinro event with peach soju tag

To celebrate the launching of the new Peach soju, HITEJINRO IS giving out amazing giveaways to loyal customers. So how do you join this event? Well, all you need to do is:
  1. Take a photo of JINRO soju
  2. Post the JINRO soju photo with hashtag #TagtheJINRO and upload to either Facebook or Instagram
  3. Tag the JINRO Global account on your photo

This event will be held till November 3rd 2022 as JINRO will be selecting 10 lucky winners for the amazing $50 Amazon Voucher. Winners’ announcement will be announced on the 18th of November.

So, what are you all waiting for? Join this event to win yourself the amazing prize. You can visit our Facebook page or Instagram page to find out more.


Pick your Jinro five flavors of soju

Apart from the JINRO Peach soju, you can also choose other flavors like JINRO Strawberry, JINRO Grapefruit, JINRO Green Grape or JINRO Plum. While peach has always been my favorite fruit, if you’re looking for a go-to-drink alcohol beverage, I’ll definitely recommend the JINRO Peach flavor soju. It is the best for first time tryers.

JINRO Peach soju is now available in the leading supermarkets nationwide. You can now enjoy the sweet and tangy twist of Peach soju and other JINRO soju products online via JINRO Philippine’s Lazada and Shopee account.

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