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Relaxation Essentials for Everyone na Pagod na sa Life

What are your relaxation essentials? Whether you’re facing busy days at school or at work; are going through difficult times at home, with your friends, or with your partner; or are just mentally, physically, or emotionally drained


It's Peach Perfect: You'll Definitely Love JINRO Soju's New Flavor

Many people won’t argue that the peach is one of the most delicious fruits in the world. This fuzzy-skinned, juicy, pink fruit is soft, sweet-with-a-subtle-tartness, and smells divine! No wonder the world loves infusing other foods and drinks 


How to Tell if Your Soju Is Authentic: A Beginner’s Guide

You’re watching an episode of the newest Korean drama that’s piqued your interest at the moment. On your screen, you watch a character you love sit at a restaurant and pour themselves one shot glass after another of alcohol


Attention, KBBQ Fans: March 3 Is Samgyeopsal Day in South Korea

Just when we thought the perfect holiday didn’t exist, we just discovered that Samgyeopsal Day is actually a thing that people celebrate in South Korea. Mark your calendars and get your pork belly ready for March 3


You Can Actually Make These 5 Popular Drinks Using Soju

Soju makes it easy to elevate different kinds of delicious drinks. This clean-tasting and refreshing alcoholic beverage can be mixed with virtually anything — beer, juice, yogurt, and even ice cream! 


7 Fun Summer Activities You Can Enjoy With Soju

Before you know it, we’re back at it again with the ever-revolving question: “What are we going to do this summer?” Whether you’re overwhelmed with all the things you want to try or simply have no clue about what summer


Jinro Has Just Released a New Soju Flavor – and It’s Delicious

Calling all my fellow soju lovers! Whether you’ve just started to discover the deliciousness of soju thanks to Korean dramas or have been a fan of this easy-to-drink alcoholic beverage for a while now; there is one brand name.


This is IU’s Favorite Brand of Soju – Here’s Why

With the rise of the Hallyu wave in the Philippines, more and more Filipinos have fallen in love with Korean dramas and everything they have to offer. If you’re a fan of KDramas, then you must have definitely noticed that


5 Korean Drinking Games You Need to Try

If, like many of us, you’ve spent the better part of this year binge-watching K-Dramas, then you’ve probably picked up a couple of things about Korean culture. For example, you may have noticed that in Korea


Everything You Need to Know About Soju, Korea's Flavorful National Drink

South Korea’s Hallyu—the Korean wave—is sweeping us all off our feet. Now, the different facets of Korean culture are being revealed to the world: not just the singing, the dancing, and their flawless glass skin, but also the food


Party Planning Checklist: 6 Basic Must-Haves for a Great Party

Christmas is almost upon us and you know what that means: parties and reunions left and right! If you tend to host parties but haven’t done so in a while, this checklist is here to help ensure that yours is nothing but a huge success.


Here's What You Need to Know About the World-Famous Soju Brand, JINRO

At this point, does soju even need an introduction? The drink has since been a constant fixture in the drinking scene, anyway! What matters now perhaps is knowing which brand of soju works for you


QUIZ: Your Drinking Habits Reveal Your K-Drama Role

Let’s be real: No K-Drama is really complete without an inuman scene that either reveals some important information or moves the plot along. But they also go a long way in revealing more about the characters’ personalities


Beyond Samgyupsal: These Popular Pulutan Dishes Go Great With Soju!

Thanks to the influx of samgyupsal restaurants that have set up shop all over the country—not to mention, the ease of buying ingredients from Korean marts for an at-home experience—getting a fix of this popular Korean staple 


The best Korean soju


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