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November 18, 2022

Have you ever seen any soju brands that held global events? Well, the answer is Yes. Do you know that The Real Original JINRO soju is the only soju brand that has ever organized such global events? HITEJINRO has led the growth of the liquor market share in South Korea and has expanded its market share globally. It remained the World’s No.1 Best-Spelling Spirits for 20 consecutive years. Here are some examples of JINRO global events during the past few years.


Jinro soju MasqueRave Light Up in Philippines

JINRO Global Events in the Philippines

The two most recent events in the Philippines are the “2017 Taste JINRO MasqueRave” at the Chaos Night Club in Manila and “2018 JINRO Light Up the Night” launch party. It brought the spirit of Seoul to the streets of Poblacion, Makati. “Taste JINRO MasqueRave” took place on April Fool’s Day with a unique concept of a masquerade ball tailored to the theme of “Deceiving Oneself.”  Local crowds found out about JINRO 24.  JINRO never disappoints in bringing in local and international DJs and models to hype up the night. Did I mention that JINRO gave out free goodies like power banks and umbrellas for the crowds to take photos with their JINRO henna? Oh, that even had JINRO slushies for the crowds to try and loosen up while having a good time at the party.

Light Up the Night

Another famous event, “JINRO Light Up the Night,” was a huge success as JINRO introduced its light version JINRO Light to the Philippine market. JINRO Light has a lighter alcohol taste but kicks with the same punch as the regular JINRO 24. They were promoting it as cold shots and a good alternative popular mix of JINRO soju with Yakult. It was a night full of music, fun drinking games, and soju shots all night long. Everyone could get JINRO drinks for free throughout the night. But only if they participated in the ‘missions’ prepared, such as posting a selfie with JINRO Light.

Filipino and Korean cultures share a lot in common, from drinking practices to the ability to be the light and the life of the party. Perhaps that is why Filipinos are attracted to the Korean drinking culture so much. It reminds them of their ability to shine bright no matter how dark the night may get.


Jinro soju Halloween Party 2019 in US

Halloween in the US

“2019 JINRO Halloween” was held at Candela La Brea in Los Angeles. The location’s maximum capacity was 750, but almost 1,200 people participated in the Halloween event. The night started with an open bar all night and beer pong table games. The night ended with a costume contest dance-off. Winners received a total of $2000 for the best costumes that night. 1st place takes home $1000, $500 for 2nd place, and $50 to 10 3rd place winners. The music vibe was popping all night with performances from Justin Park to special guests Nafla and DJ performances. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, the 2020 JINRO Halloween got canceled. Let’s hope for more Halloween Events in the US next year.


Jinro soju Corea Spirit France 2019

JINRO’s pop-up store in France

HITEJINRO thought it would be good to introduce JINRO soju to the European market and expand the local market by providing opportunities for local Europeans to engage in Korean alcohol-drinking culture experiences. They held pop-up stores called “Corea Spirit 2019″. Visitors could taste not only Korea’s representative finger foods but promote JINRO products ranging from beer to fruit-flavored soju. There were also taste events to enhance JINRO’s brand awareness.

In particular, JINRO Strawberry soju was first introduced through the pop-up store in France after exporting in May 2019. DJ performance by the famous Korean DJ ‘Grace Kim’  maximized the party atmosphere. They also lined up JINRO soju bottles and a photo wall for the crowds to join the SNS photo upload event. More than 500 people visited each pop-up store, showing high interest in Korea’s drinking culture and, of course, JINRO products.


Jinro soju Pub Crawl Night Run

Night Run in Southeast Asia

JINRO NIGHT RUN 2021 is a pub-crawl event utilizing influencers to visit JINRO Membership Outlets. They helped to improve JINRO’s brand awareness and posted about it on their social media channels. Influencers performed given missions through online promotional activities and delivered JINRO’s brand message. At the same time, they demonstrated the K-Culture through various drinking games and activities. On the day of the pub crawl event, influencers wore the JINRO Night Run T-shirts and items. They were traveling around the area to find the JINRO membership outlets. For every visit, influencers introduced each outlet by showing the menu, food tasting, and outlet characteristics. Then, they made their JINRO cocktail by mixing it with beer or tonic water.

Lastly, influencers showed drinking JINRO challenges and games so that whoever watches the video can follow the challenge. This JINRO Night Run 2021 is held in several countries, including Cambodia, Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia. The campaign was a huge success gaining almost 6 million impressions in total. One of my favorite videos is from cheokboardstudios. This Singaporean Youtube influencer adds Singaporean “flavor” and culture into the videos, which makes the video more localized for the Singaporean market to understand and enjoy.


Jinro Isul Live Festival Music Korea 2022

2022 Isul Live Festival

JINRO Music Festival “2022 Isul Live Festival” is the only soju music festival in Korea, and it was held for the first time in three years due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Top-notch singers and rappers performed during the festival, and for the festival’s highlight, JINRO impressed 15,000 spectators with the finale of the fireworks show and a drone show with 300-unit drones flying around the air. This festival was designed to communicate with the Gen Z and Millennials generations rather than going forward with the common online advertising methods. The festival creates content using music that the generation likes and provides it through a channel that the Gen Z and Millennials generation uses.

Due to the global pandemic, most of the global events had to be put off for a few years, but not to worry, there will be more upcoming JINRO Global Events in the future. Stay tuned, and do not miss out on more upcoming JINRO events.

Here are some other examples of recent Global Events held by JINRO. Check out the article contents from JINRO 360 EDM Festival and JINRO All Points East Festival in the UK to learn more about the recent festival events.



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