JINRO 360 EDM Festival Comeback- Colorland

Written by alex

September 30, 2022


2017 Jinro 360 EDM Festival

Have you ever heard of JINRO 360 EDM Festival? Among other brands of soju, JINRO is the first and only No.1 Selling Spirit Soju brand, that has ever hosted a music festival this huge in other countries! JINRO 360 EDM is an annual outdoor electronic music festival. It takes place in November in the city of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Electronic music is popular among the Millennials and Gen Z generation around the world due to its repetitive beats and intense timbre sound. The festival first took place in 2017. It lasted four days at an outdoor stage in Ketat (Diamond Island).  What was even more fascinating about it, is that the festival is free entry for everyone.

This is the first time I’ve ever heard about such a mega festival, hosted by HiteJinro. I was lucky enough to be invited to the festival and experience it firsthand myself. Because I have heard about JINRO way before 2017, I have no doubt that the festival was going to be a real hit. I remember seeing thousands of people attending the festival. Externally it was the first EDM Festival in Cambodia. It attracted a lot of attention even before the event by inviting several DJs from four different countries, Cambodia, Korea, Thailand, and Laos.

Special performances at JINRO 360 EDM Festivals

Festival contained special performances by Korea’s best laser performance team, Korean solo singer MISO, along with 20 famous DJs including Dongho, MECURY, and SOO etc. Cambodia’s first K-pop girl group performed on the 2nd day. It was a rising star in Cambodia’s music industry that distinguish them from other Cambodia idol groups. Performances took place for four days, illuminated by the night of the Diamond Island. Experience was amazing not only because of the music but seeing the crowd dancing and enjoying together, that makes it an ever-memorable atmosphere.


Artist at first Jinro EDM Festival in Cambodia (2017)


Main stage at Jinro 360 EDM Festival

Since 2017’s EDM Festival, JINRO soju has accelerated the local sales with young target marketing. More and more people around the world are more aware of JINRO soju now. After the success of 2017, JINRO 360 EDM Festival 2018 came back with a bigger stage, a VIP Zone, a few selling booths and a JINRO Cocktail Booth in the event hall. You can tell by just looking at the size of stage design. Total of 60,000 people from all over the world attended the festival. It was 7 times bigger compared to the total of visitors in 2017. I believe last year’s success of the festival lead to a bigger crowd. Locals and foreigners are more aware of the brand JINRO and the festival now.


Korean Jinro Soju Artist Global (2018)


Perfomance at Jinro 360 EDM Festival (2019)

Even though I haven’t been there myself during 2018. One of the best parts of the festival was, DJ Soda. It is a famous and popular DJ with the longest run in Korea. She has been doing performances globally and known to be famous in Cambodia. DJ Soda debuted in Itaewon in 2013 and was selected as the headliner of the world-famous Thailand ‘Songkran S20 Festival’ in 2016. She has been active as a headliner DJ at major festivals around the world. Due to her popularity in Cambodia, she has been drawing more attention from the local media to JINRO 360 EDM Festival.

JINRO 360 EDM Festival 2019

In 2019 JINRO 360 EDM Festival was the most recent festival. Because of the continuous success for both 2017 & 2018, JINRO came back with an even better festival for 2019. More than 80,000 people attended the event. I watched the finale video of the festival and as if the heat of the Cambodian audience did not cool down until late night.

Photos shows that the crowd holding JINRO light cups everywhere and people were ready to get wet and hyped up for the whole night. They sold1,099 boxes of soju cases, 21,980 bottles of soju during the festival. Nevertheless, for the year 2019, after receiving many requests from JINRO Fans, they decided to bring DJ SURA as a special guest for a special featuring performance at the festival. She is No.2 Asia’s Top DJ 2018 from EDMdroid.


Korean Jinro Soju Artist Global (2018)


Aside from the DJs performances, HiteJinro hired a few pretty influencers festival to help promote the brand. Also to show the Cambodian crowd how to enjoy EDM music while drinking soju. For example, they were giving out free light sticks to the crowd and pouring soju into the audience’s mouth. Crowd went crazy as tons of the audiences line up just to take a photograph with the models. Ball floats were thrown in the air among the crowds while DJs were performing on stage.

JINRO 360 EDM Festival Comeback

After the pandemic breakdown, the government were worried about the increase cases in COVID-19 as most of the festivals got cancelled or people were afraid of participating in mass gatherings. JINRO 360 EDM Festival was put to a pause after 2019.

I am pretty sure that the hype of Festival still lives, and many Cambodians are waiting for the festival to reopen. As you all know, JINRO is the only knowing soju brand throwing festivals globally. Since the flavored soju is the top selling SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) in the global market, JINRO said now is the perfect time to create a second booming to restart the JINRO 360 EDM Festival. This year they will utilize the theme, color, and call it JINRO 360 EDM Festival – Colorland. Using the theme color for the stage designs that represents the five flavors of soju, Peach, Strawberry, Grapefruit, Greengrape and Fresh.

JINRO 360 EDM Festival Colorland will come back soon this November 7th to 9th. Come join this November and it is free entry for everybody. They are back with better line-up and bigger stage, with more give-away gifts. I will be attending this coming festival and hope to see you all soon!


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