No hangover with JINRO soju during end year parties


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December 20, 2022

Just a few more days left till it’s Christmas. Some people organize end year party celebrations at work to show gratitude to each other. Many spend it with families at their cozy homes. Others who enjoy a hype night would go out enjoying parties for their year-end celebration. If you still have no idea what to do this year, I recommend throwing a party at home with friends and starting with JINRO soju. Because it is the perfect go-to drink to enjoy while playing drinking games, before throwing yourself into the pit, be prepared because drinking too much alcohol can cause a hangover, and it’s not something nice to go through.


Korea Jinro real soju best selling spirit

JINRO soju is a Korean alcoholic drink that has played different roles several times. Many Koreans believe drinking JINRO soju helps build stronger relationships with friends or colleagues. Some think of it as an escape from reality from hard life or work. Nevertheless, JINRO soju plays a big part in Korean’s daily lives, but how can they drink so much and still go to work in good condition the next day?

Here are some tips on how Koreans enjoy JINRO soju and prevent a hangover.


Korea Jinro soju pre-drink cure

I. Pre-drinking prep

If you know you’re about to have a great night out, it’s always important to prep yourself and plan before drinking. I find this very helpful before taking any alcohol. There are several pre-drinking pills and drinks Korean take before drinking. It comes in various kinds, either capsule or liquid, and recently there is a pre-drinking pack made into jelly so that it doesn’t taste bitter. One of the famous pre-drinking drinks that is the father of all Korean hangover drinks is Dawn 808. It comes in a small can and has a strong herbal taste. Then, there is Condition which comes in various materials, and they have a drink specially made for ladies with extra vitamins and recipes included. Lastly, there’s Q-one Fresh Hwan which is said to be the most popular pre-drinking pill recently, and it has also been made another version into a jelly form, so it’s easier for people to digest and eat it.


Korea Jinro soju hot soup cure

II. Hot soups

One of the most famous soups to chase over a hangover is ‘Haejangguk.’ It consists of vegetables and parts of meats in a comforting beef broth soup, but it comes in many different variations, such as soybean paste, spicy seafood food, or fish cake broth soup. Another recommendation is, of course, Ramyun (Korean Instant Noodles). You can find it in any convenience stores and marts, and it is the easiest way to fill up your stomach before wanting to curl back into bed right away. The spice from Ramyun will help offset the consumption of alcohol from the night before.


Jinro soju post drinking cure hangover

III. Post-drinking cures

If there are pre-drinking drinks, there are post-drinking cures as well. One of the most popular hangovers go-to for Koreans is Oriental Raisin Tea. This recovery drink is well known for being an aid in relieving hangovers. Not just hangover, but this drink also helps prevent dehydration after exercising. What’s even greater about this drink? It contains 0 calories, meaning no sodium, saturated fat, or sugar! Another drink called Morning Care uses raisin tree extracts and other ingredients to help with after-drinking headaches. The company also boasts five different products for different categories of people.

IV. Sauna soak (Jjimjilbang)

Sometimes after a heavy night of drinking and not being able to go back home, Koreans often crash at a Jjimjilbang. Jjimjilbang is a Korean-style spa with 24-hour facilities equipped with steam rooms, hot tubs, saunas, and sleeping quarters that are great for sweating out toxins after a long night out. You can also shower to freshen up before work the next day. They also have a food court for those who are starving at night. I recommend a popular beverage called “Sikhye,” made from rice and believed to hydrate and help shorten hangovers. Yet, as a sauna relaxes a person, there are also many alcohol-related accidents. If you fall asleep or pass out from dehydration from alcohol, you could be in danger. Please be cautious when staying too long for a sauna soak.

Jinro soju toad wishes Happy Holiday Christmas

Jinro soju toad wishes Happy Holiday Christmas.

Since you are now aware of the tips and ready to start this holiday spirit, you can be assured of enjoying the year-end party without getting worried about your condition after. Start your party mood, and don’t forget to stock up on your JINRO soju before planning a party. If you’re drinking outside, you must ensure you’re prepared by following the tips above. Check out JINRO soju’s official store here. You can also stay-up-to date with new promotions and offers from the Facebook and Instagram page.

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