4 Soju Cocktail Recipes

4 soju cocktail recipes

Written by alex

April 27, 2022

There are several reasons why to drink soju. First, soju has a clean, neutral flavor that’s mildly sweeter than vodka. Second, if you wish to have a sweeter cocktail, there are different flavored soju that’s readily available (JINRO for example, has grapefruit, green grape, plum, and strawberry flavors). Lastly, soju goes so well with other drinks and ingredients, that it’s easy to get creative with your own soju cocktails.

In fact, you can make your own soju cocktails using ingredients that are easily accessible at home! If you want to drink soju the fun way, you should try these flavored soju recipes using JINRO.

By the way, did you know, that Jinro with its clear taste is considered to be the origin of soju? If not, check out our other Article “Who’s the origin of soju”.

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Yakult Soju

Yakult Soju is a very popular choice with a sweet, creamy taste. Try to make it with the new taste of Jinro – Peach, and read our recent article about its taste.

Ingredients (1 glass):
  • 1 shot JINRO soju
  • 1 shot yakult
  • Sprite

Simply mix all ingredients together and you’re good to go!

Melona Soju

It’s like having two Korean favorites in one! The best part about Melona Soju is that you can have different variations, depending on the flavor of the Melona you’re having.

Ingredients (1 glass):
  • 1 Melona Popsicle
  • JINRO soju
  • Sprite

Mix a cocktail containing 60% soju, and 40% Sprite. Add the Melona popsicle and let it dissolve to infuse the flavor.

Soju Coffee

It’s like Irish Coffee but instead of whiskey, we’re using soju! This is one sure way to keep your energy high during gatherings!

Ingredients (1 glass):
  • JINRO soju
  • Brewed or Instant Coffee
  • Sweetener or sugar syrup
  • Ice

Prepare your coffee like how you usually do with sweetener or sugar syrup, then let it cool. Next, fill a glass with ice and pour 80% coffee and 20% soju. Mix well.

Watermelon Soju

We saved this recipe for last because it requires more effort compared to the other recipes in this list. It’s worth it though because you’ll be rewarded with a sweet, refreshing drink!

  • Watermelon
  • JINRO soju
  • Sprite

Scoop out the watermelon flesh and remove the seeds. Blend well, then pour through a strainer to remove any leftover chunks or seeds. Then scoop out the foam on top of the watermelon juice.

After preparing your juice, you can now mix in equal parts the watermelon juice, soju, and Sprite. Mix well.

These are some popular ways to drink soju, but there are a lot of creative ways out there to enjoy your soju drink. For instance, you can mix soju and beer to create Somaek, or you can make a Korean version of a Screwdriver cocktail by mixing soju with orange juice. You can also raise it a notch higher by combining a shot glass of Coke, a shot glass of soju, and  a glass of beer to make a Cojinganmek!

But of course, if you don’t want to complicate things, you can also simply ordered flavored soju to enjoy a fruity drink with much less effort.

How about you, how do you drink soju?

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