For more than 90 years, HITEJINRO, Korea’s No. 1 liquor company, has proven expertise in soju craftmanship. And has further expanded its reach in the Philippine market since the 1980s. Therefore with 8 JINRO variants ranging from Original to fruit-flavored soju, HITEJINRO PHILIPPINES aims to provide the most authentic and flavorful Korean drinking experience to Filipinos.


Jinro Chamisul Original

Original Jinro Chamisul passes through a patented bamboo charcoal filtration process 4 times. In this way, it’s getting rid of hangover-causing compounds.

Jinro Chamisul Fresh

Chamisul Fresh remains to be the no.1 spirit brand not only in Korea, but throughout the world.

Jinro Grapefruit

Infused with a vibrant grapefruit flavor. Enjoy a refreshing and pleasing twist on a classic drink.

Jinro Green Grape

Continues to be a favorite due to its sweet and flavorful taste. So, it is a unique drink to enjoy on its own or to be added in cocktails.

Jinro Plum

Brings a playful touch of plum to the clean taste of Chamisul Fresh.

Jinro Strawberry

It adds the sweet, tart taste of a ripened strawberry in each sip, while maintaining a light and refreshing experience.

Jinro Peach

Brings the perfect balance of authentic Korean soju and the sweet-tangy taste of peach. And both are embodied for the best taste.


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